Ever feel as if your wealth and assets are under constant attack by the IRS?

The IRS in the infinite wisdom and effort to examine more tax returns and encourage greater transparency nationwide is concentrating on businesses and individuals alike in every profession and industry in their investigations. As the IRS attempts to examine more tax returns from a broad range of entities ~ particularly S Corp’s, and high net worth individuals, new examination approaches have increased the range of tax returns that fall under review. These new examination approaches combined with constantly changing tax laws and increased IRS enforcement make planning and preparation for IRS examination more important than ever.


At Alves Tax and Financial Services Inc. I specialize in representing clients in all levels of tax controversy inclusive of all processes with the IRS in audit appeals, collection, CDP’s, delinquent payroll taxes, installment agreements and much more as well as skilled advocacy in state and local tax disputes.

With over a decade of experience as a former IRS auditor and over 35 years of experience in tax controversy, I have proven skills and expertise from the other side of the desk to defend you or your company in the event of a tax controversy.

Of course, our goal is to settle cases without litigation. Litigation is costly and public. I am professionally associated with tax lawyers with trial experience to prepare powerful case presentations and be advocates for our clients should tax fraud be asserted or litigation be necessary.

Protect yourself from tax controversy. With our IRS background, I sit on the “right” side of the desk ready to be your advocate. When your wealth and assets are under constant attack, you need more than just an average tax or business consultant.

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