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    • 1. What is tax Controversy?

      Tax Controversy being an area of the tax law covers tax matters such as IRS installment agreements, tax penalty abatement, wage garnishment releases, IRS audits, tax liens, tax levies, income tax debt relief, IRS audit representation, sales tax audits, payroll tax audits and negotiations. When people find themselves owing the government bodies and their finances make it nearly impossible to pay their back or current taxes, they typically find it advantageous to work with a Tax Controversy Specialist with great experience in working on “both sides of the desk”

    • 2. What can A Tax Controversy Specialist help me with?

      The IRS being the largest collection agency on the planet and weaves all the power of the U.S. government, anytime you have a problem, it is all consuming. If you find that you are being unfairly treated by the IRS or have a legitimate claim that they simply won’t take seriously, having our specialists on board working with you will both get their attention and level the playing field. Because you have representation, IRS personnel you are dealing with get the message that if a solution isn’t found, the issue will get pushed to their superiors. This could impact their career and advancement with the government.

    • 3. Once you get started on my case, will the IRS continue bothering me?

      No. Most of my clients are relieved. Contacts cease for you. And the IRS soon realizes that the problem is finally being addressed and solved once and for all. All future IRS communications will go through our office and I will keep you informed. When you get a tax controversy specialist on your team, you can rest assured that I will take care of you and you can get back to business and life ~ free of stress and anxiety, knowing that I will inform you every step of the way.

    • 4. How do I stop the IRS from levying my bank account or garnishing my wages?

      When you retain me to represent you, my first order of business is to make sure all IRS collection activities are ceased. This includes stopping them from contacting you and talking only to me; ceasing any further bank or other account levies. Again, my goal is to stop ALL collection activities while I negotiate the best possible outcome for your unique tax problems.

    • 5. I have not filed a tax return in years. I’m getting worried, can you help?

      Absolutely. I will contact the IRS for you to order income information (1099’s, etc.) for the years you did not file. You will need to provide me with income and expense information to the best of your ability. Then I can prepare the missing tax returns, review them with you, and help you file them. You might be pleasantly surprised to find the IRS owes you! If not, you will know before you file your tax returns. If you owe money and the balance is beyond your means, I can work with you and the IRS to negotiate an installment agreement or another appropriate resolution.

    • 6. Can the IRS go after me personally for past due payroll taxes?

      Yes. You as a business owner are responsible for collecting and forwarding to the government your employees withholding taxes. You, as an employer are supposedly “holding in trust” taxes that belong to the State and the U.S. Treasury. You are essentially stealing funds. Because of this, the U.S. Congress has provided serious enforcement power to the IRS in “Trust Fund Recovery Penalty” (TFRP). The IRS may determine that any persons connected to the employee’s money stream might be liable for the taxes not forwarded including penalties. Business owners, officers, employee-bookkeeper, even an “innocent” payroll clerk.

      If you need more information regards to the TFRP, please ask me.

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